How to replace a window or door lock

Replacing a window or door lock in a home

The sliding window lock is an important item in your house if there are any small children and pets. This object proves to be very valuable in locking windows partially open, so that fresh air can still be enjoyed, without needing to worry about any children or household pets escaping from your house. This article will speak about how to change out a sliding window lock.

You may prefer to hire a door replacement company for these types of replacements if you are not comfortable with tools.

Analysis of the lock

Firstly, inspection is required. Inspect the area and confirm that there is nothing blocking the track, where the lock slides along. This will not allow locking the window. Make sure that the cleaning of the window track is also done with the help of a small brush or a cloth to sweep it.

Repairing the Window Track

The next step is to check if the problem is with the window track or with the window lock. Make sure to inspect the window track, is the lock is not sliding. For example, if the window frame is not straight, then with the help of a hammer, bang the frame, in order to get it into shape. If this doesn’t work, then make sure to replace the entire window frame.

Replacing the Window Lock

The window lock might be broken. So, with the help of a screwdriver, start unscrewing the lock, replacing it with a brand new one.

In this way, the sliding window lock can be replaced. The tools and the materials required can be purchased from any home improvement store.

How to paint a glass door

How to Increase Curb Appeal with a Freshly Painted Glass Door

glass door being painted

If you do paint that glass door, make sure to tape up the edges

Learn how to paint an exterior door. You may be considering painting an exterior door if you are looking for a fun way to refresh your home. Your front door plays a key role in the curb appeal of your property and, with the right paint job, you can make your home even more welcoming.

Painting an exterior door is a little different than painting the internal portions of your home. External doors are exposed to weather conditions and dirt that can challenge the durability of the door itself. In order to appropriately address the demands placed upon your door, you’ll need use the proper paint so your hard work will hold up.

It might be better to just replace the sliding glass door.

Choosing the best paint for patio doors

Before you can paint your door, you’ll need to determine what type of paint to use. You can play with a wide array of colors, but the heart of your decision lies between latex and oil-based paints. You can check the current paint on your door by rubbing a small area with ammonia. If the color comes off, then your door was previously painted with a latex paint.

If your door was previously painted with an oil-based paint, you can apply quality latex paint over the old coat. If your old surface has five or more layers of oil-based paint, it’s best to stick with a new coat of oil-based paint.

Oil-based paint is preferable if you need to apply it during 50 degree or below weather, or if the surface you’re painting is chalky. Most people prefer latex paint because it is less prone to cracking, retains its color better, and is less susceptible to mildew.

Next, you’ll need to determine if you need to prime your front door. Not every door paint job requires primer, but a white primer may be helpful in the following cases: if you’re going from a dark color to a light color, the door was previously without any paint, or you’re switching from latex to oil. Otherwise, you may not need primer.

When selecting paint for exterior doors, be sure to select a paint that can stand up to both weather and dirt.

Prepping Your Door
Next you’ll need to prepare the door for painting. You have two options.

Painting an exterior door. Option 1: You can use painter’s tape and carefully cover all of the hardware. This option runs a higher risk of painting your hardware by accident.

Option 2: You can take your door down and remove all of the hardware and set the door up on two saw horses.

In either case, you will need to clean the door and lightly sand the area where you are going to paint. The sandpaper will remove imperfections as well as prepare the area to take on the new paint.

Apply Paint
Next, use a brush to paint any depressed areas surrounding the panels. Paint the exterior stretches of the door. When painting, you should always paint in the same direction as the wood grain and never paint against it.

Quality Doors
replace your entry doorWhile a fresh coat of paint can spruce up an old door, sometimes the best thing to do with your home is to seek out replacement doors. When you need an exterior door replacement, you’ll want to find a quality product which you can rely on.

Finding a stylish, energy efficient, customized entry door can make all the difference in your home’s curb appeal. For those in areas prone to serious storms, a door with serious strength and quality craftsmanship is important. Stanek Windows has the door you need to weather a local storm.

How Much Does a Sliding Door Cost

How Much Will you pay for a sliding door replacement?

Although some have three or four panels, standard sliding glass doors (also called bypass or gliding doors) are typically two large panels of glass in frames made of wood, vinyl or aluminum and mounted on rollers. Usually one panel is fixed in place and the other slides back and forth. Older sliding glass doors used a single pane of glass in each panel, but today most are triple or either double pane. There may also be a large framed screen door that slides back and forth.

Sliding Door Replacement and Repair

Typical costs of Door Replacement:

Door prices vary far more than for most home improvement purchases, and consumers may be quoted significantly different prices for the same brand and model door from different retailers.
Prices start at about $300-$ 800 for a basic 5′ -6′ wide sliding glass door, or $700-$ 1,100 or more for a standard 8′ wide door, typically with an aluminum or vinyl frame and options like a screen door or built-in blinds (between the panes of glass). With installation total cost can be $600-$ 2,000 or more, depending on local rates and the complexity of the project (ranging from replacing existing sliding doors of similar size and shape to creating a new opening in a solid wall). Some doors in this price range may be less energy efficient, drafty and only moderately durable, so look for units with energy efficient glass, factory-installed weather stripping and steel reinforcement, For example, Lowe’s offers a 6′ wide Therma Star by Pella Vinyl Sliding Door with clear glass and energy-efficient insulation for about $340, or with built-in blinds for about $760.
Expect to pay $1,000-$ 4,000 or more for a 5′ -8′ sliding glass door that is pre hung (the panels are already framed and everything is installed as a single unit, minimizing breezy cracks and holes). These can be made of vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass or wood clad with a low-maintenance exterior like vinyl or aluminum, plus options like a screen door, triple-pane glass or a grid/overlay that creates the look of the multiple windows like a traditional French door. The Andersen 400 Series French panel Gliding Patio Doors is available in an oak, maple or pine interior clad with a low-maintenance exterior, plus energy-efficient glass for $1,500-$ 3,800 or more depending on size, materials and options like upgraded door handles, a retractable or sliding screen door and upgraded exterior trim. With installation, pre-hung sliding doors can be $1,500-$ 5,000 or more.
Costs double for impact-resistant sliding glass doors designed to withstand hurricane-force winds.
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What should be included in that door job:

A sliding glass door should be replaced in good weather; once the old door is removed the opening is exposed to the elements until the new door is in place. Two workers are typically needed to lift and balance the heavy glass panels. Some places online explain how to install a sliding glass door in an existing wall.
Additional costs you may encounter:
Needed repairs to flooring, siding, deck or interior trim because of water damage, dry rot or other problems can add $50-$ 1,000 or more to the total cost, depending on the extent of the damage.

If not included, a sliding screen door can add $35-$ 150, or a retractable model can cost $100-$ 400.
Locks for additional security can cost $2-$ 600 or more, depending on style, design and materials, but average about $10-$ 50.
Before buying sliding doors with built-in blinds or shades, ask about how repairs are made and the cost of replacements. Many manufacturers have made it possible to replace built-in blinds, but replacements must be bought from the manufacturer.

Shopping for a sliding glass door:
A video by door manufacturer Gorell explains the options to consider when choosing sliding patio doors.
Get several estimates. Sliding glass doors are available from local lumber yards; home improvement centers like Home Depot or Lowe’s; or search for a local door and window dealer through the American Window and Door Institute.
Accurate installation estimates can only be done on-site, as measurements need to be precise and the condition of the existing frame and surrounding wall needs to be evaluated. If hiring an installer, verify that the company is properly insured, bonded and licensed; ask for and check references, and look for any complaints filed with the Better Business Burea

What kind of Patio Door should I get

Finding the right Patio Door to fit you

Sliding Patio Door Ideas

Sliding patio doors are popular for contemporary homes. They are simple, easy to operate and provide large panes of glass with unobstructed views. They’re available in a variety of frame and glass options that complement many home designs.modern-exterior-patio

While typical sliders are five to six feet wide, they’re available with doors that are eight to ten feet wide. These large panes of glass provide added picturesque and light views.

French Doors give a majestic look

French patio doors come with solid glass and paned glass panels that offer charm and elegance. The typical french door has two doors that can open in or out, but interesting variations are available.

Create a wall of beautiful french doors that swing open to your deck, garden, pool or patio. Open up a complete wall with a series of doors to take advantage of the outdoors. Choose paned glass panels that work well with traditional homes or solid glass panels that accent contemporary features.

This modern interpretation of the classic french door creates a dramatic entrance. Doors with simple, clean lines swivel on their axis to open out onto the deck.

Folding Doors

Folding patio doors can create large openings that span an entire wall. They eliminate visual boundaries between your inside and outside spaces. Make one door hinged to operate alone like a standard door if you don’t want to open up the entire wall at once. Folding doors are a great option to sliding doors when you don’t have adequate depth to create wall pockets.

By installing a wall of folding patio doors, you can easily create an outdoor room that can be used as an extension of your adjoining indoor room for lounging, dining and entertaining. The large opening is great for parties and events with lots of guests.

Lift and Slide Doors

Lift slide patio doors will create the largest opening possible. Hidden tracks and doors that vanish into the wall make lift slide patio doors the ultimate luxury for people who want wide open spaces and incredible views.

Lift slide doors give this contemporary home above a full, unobstructed views of the breathtaking desert scenery. Great for an Arizona Sunrise. Hope this helped you pick out some ideas.

How to Install an Entry Door

So Now you are ready to hang the entry door

Entry doors are available as both slabs and in standard prehung sizes that fit most newer houses. You may need to buy a slab if you have an opening with an unusual size or would like a custom-made door. Slabs require a few additional steps to those shown below for a prehung door, which arrive with the jambs and hinges already in place. Replacing an older entry door with a new insulated door can save energy. The most important part of hanging a door is to make sure it is plumb and level.

Position the Door where you want it

Center the door inside of the opening to make sure that the door will fit.

Use shims, if necessary, to make sure the door is plumb in the opening.

After the door is centered, trace the molding on the exterior of the house. Drive nails at the top of the door unit to keep it in place as you make adjustments.

Once centered, trace the molding onto the exterior of the house. Drive nails at the top of the unit to keep it in place as you make adjustments.

Check for plumb. Use a pry bar to adjust the hang. The gap between door and wall must be small enough to be covered by the door casing.

Install the Hinge and Lock

Insert shims behind each hing. The shims help distribute pressure.

Screw the hinges in place. Check to make sure the door opens properly.

Drive nails every 12 inches (305 mm) along the molding into the house.

Install the Drip Edge

Measure the width of the opening. Cut and install a drip edge at the top of the opening. This provides a moisture barrier.

Making sure to firmly press the molding in place, center the door inside the opening. Run a bead of caulk around the molding. Adjust the door’s threshold. Let that bead dry and then your door should be good to go.

Looking for how to install a Sliding Door?

Will Insurance Cover Door Replacement

Will Insurance Cover Sliding Door Replacement?

The key to whether something is covered under your home insurance is how the damages happened. If a windstorm blew a tree limb through your sliding glass door, the replacement would be covered under most policies, but if the door was damaged because your child slammed it, for example, then the repairs or replacement would be an out of pocket expense.

In general a sliding glass door is covered as part of the home, but it also has the same conditional treatment as, say, the roof. Your roof is covered against named perils, but you are responsible for keeping it in good condition, such as removing debris or making minor repairs due to time or age. If you do not keep up your end of the contract, then the entire policy can be canceled by the insurer.

Was the door damaged by you or natural causes?

If the glass door was damaged by someone else, such as the neighbor’s child knocking a baseball through it, then the claim should be filed against that person’s insurance. So you would file a claim with your neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance provider, and they would settle the claim based on the concept of liability where your neighbor is responsible for the behavior of her dependents.

If the sliding glass door needs to be replaced because of normal wear and tear, then it is not an insurance claim. In this case, the replacement falls under the heading of home maintenance, and is your responsibility. Worse, if you do not replace the door and water leaks into the home damaging floors, walls or carpets, the claim for those damages can be denied as well because you did not take the steps necessary to prevent the damages from happening.

If the damages to your entry door were caused by accidental behavior, such as your daughter accidentally throwing a baton through it while practicing for the cheer team, then the door replacement would be covered under most homeowner’s policies. Since the damages were caused by the accidental behavior of your child, it is covered, but if the same child threw the baton through the glass in a fit of anger, the damages would not be covered because they were intentional.

Hope this Helped. If you have more questions about insurance and replacement needs drop us a line.