ingredients and proportions:

  • 1 liter of brandy
  • 8 angelica seeds
  • 40 g coriander seeds
  • fennel seeds
  • anise seeds
  • 500 g of sugar
  • 2 lemons

Difficulty: medium Preparation: 1 hour


Vespetro is a very old French liqueur and was considered by doctors to be an infallible remedy.Its name is composed of the first letters of the words bladder,fart and burp! in any case, it is an excellent digestive with a very pleasant flavor. Put the coriander, anise and fennel seeds in a mortar, add the angelica seeds and crush the whole without reducing it to powder; wash and dry the lemons, peel and squeeze them, pour the juice into a stained glass bottle already containing the brandy and the seeds crushed at the beginning; add the zest of the lemons cut into strips and the sugar, then leave to macerate for 10 days after having corked the bottle and shaking it from time to time.
Filter the liqueur and bottle it again; store in a dry, dark place.


the vespetro is a liqueur of which one bets already in a book dated of 1742.
The recipe for vespetro had been approved by the king’s physicians, who recognized its property to cure, among other things, stomach and kidney ailments, and various pains.
When you consider that the origin of the word is the beginning of the words bladder, fart and burp, you can understand that vespetro triggers all sorts of digestive reactions!

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